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Enhance Beverages, Sleep or Focus with CBD Organics: Are Their Products Worth it?

For anyone seeking CBD for nighttime healing or daily supplements, CBD Organics has a product for it. 

CBD Organics is a brand that recognizes the calming benefits of the cannabinoid. Through oils, flavor enhancements for drinks, and gummies, there is a wide variety of products this company offers. 

Medical News Today shows that CBD is a natural anti-stressor. It relieves anxiety, helps sleep disorders, and calms the body.  

Experts predict that the U.S. CBD market will reach $23 billion by next year (2022).  The New York Times says, “part of CBD’s popularity is that it purports to be ‘non psychoactive,’ and that consumers can reap health benefits from the plant without the high.”

 CBD Organics makes their products with organic and vegan ingredients. Each product is all-natural with nano CBD in different amounts of concentration. 

CBD Organic’s Beverage Enhancers

150 mg  


The company has flavor enhancements like: peach, orange, and blueberry acai. Each flavor has a different purpose to provide better sleep, energy or focus. The peach flavored beverage enhancer I tried contains organic hemp oil extract, melatonin, ginkgo biloba, and valerian root. 

It’s important to note that the enhancer’s lab reports reveal there are actually 132 mg in the entire unit as opposed to the 150 mg the label states.

It’s description says, “[CBD Organic’s] proprietary water soluble nano CBD gives you assurance that the maximum amount of CBD in your product ends up where it will do the most good.” 

More specifically, nano CBD oil includes CBD molecules that are broken down into small, powerful particles. Because they are so tiny, they are more bioavailable to the body — which means they travel and affect the body at a faster rate. 

 After I put three pumps of this sleep remedy in my glass of water before bed, I felt a zen sensation wave over my body with an encouragement to sleep. It wasn’t as strong as I thought. I felt more at rest, but I wasn’t as tired as the medicine prescribed I would be. Going forward, I might up its dosage to experiment whether or not I would feel a difference.

The peach flavor is slightly sweet, subtle and easy to ingest. 

I felt more comfortable and at rest after 20 minutes of consuming my infused water. 

3/5 Emeralds

Tincture Oil 

500 mg


Another item from CBD Organics is their 500 mg natural elixir oil. The oil can be dropped into your mouth or infused into a beverage. Test results show the tincture contains more than is labeled at 523 mg per bottle rather than 500 mg. 

The product description says that, “We use both medium and long chain carrier oils to ensure the medicinal value of the CBD is carried throughout the entire body for enhanced bioavailability.”

Oils are a great way for CBD to absorb into the body quickly. Medium-chain triglyceride oils (MCT) carry the CBD throughout the body efficiently. 

Very Well Health reports that MCT oil is a “type of fatty acid that your body can quickly absorb because it doesn’t have to break them down via digestion before sending them off to the lymph system.” Longer chain oils take longer to digest, delaying CBD’s effects. 

Because CBD Organic’s used both middle and long chains, it provides immediate and long-term relief. 

After three quarters of a full tincture squeeze (about .75 ml) once an afternoon over three days, I felt grounded and peaceful. This oil provided me relief while I still felt able to perform daily tasks. It has a rich, earthy flavor that is purely hemp extract. 

I wasn’t a fan of its raw taste. But it is definitely one of the strongest products offered, and the flavor is worth overlooking. After about 30 minutes, the CBD fully absorbed into my body and the effects were powerful. I felt very calm and collected.

4/5 Emeralds


100 mg, 10 mg each


Just like the drink enhancements and tinctures, the CBD gummies offered are produced with the same level of quality hemp. Slightly bitter tasting and lip-smacking, this form of edible might not be ideal. Unlike the oil extract and enhancer, the gummies are more of a chore to eat and are the slowest route to feeling CBD’s purpose. 

I barely felt the effects of the gummies. After a skeptical 20-30 minutes, the CBD effects did not feel strong. 

There are actually close to 12 mg per gummy, according to the lab results. So I expected to feel something slightly stronger than the extremely light body high it gave me.

2/5 Emeralds 

Should You Buy From CBD Organics?

CBD Organics is using some great hemp. However — none of the products contained the exact amount of CBD the company advertises (though some didn’t seem to be far off). 

 I felt certain ingestion methods, like the tincture oil, was more effective than others. The digestible oil is the most worthwhile product and worth the $45 price point. The quality is obvious once you try it. It’s a good investment that can last a while.

The other items, however, might be a purchasing gamble on your end.

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