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The final hours taking place on the California coast was the hardest part of the game to play. You play as Abby for a small part of this section but her gameplay isn’t what this final act is about. 

Gameplay switches to Ellie, still obsessed in finding Abby’s whereabouts. This wasn’t the most graphic part of the story, but Ellie remaining so hellbent on revenge was difficult to support as a player. This game forces you in these moments because there is a specific story to tell. My motivations were left in Seattle, hoping Ellie could move on. But trauma would not allow it.

The final moments between these two protagonists were eerie. Abby was starved and crucified. Her final moments in this game are an ironic callback to her run-in with the Seraphites

A silent and unpredictable looking Ellie cuts her down and silently guides Abby and unconscious Lev to the shore. Ellie seems to be moving on, but one last flashback of dead Joel keeps her fighting. 

Abby has had enough and is done fighting. The final showdown had me on Abby’s side because Ellie’s infatuation has not waned since their last encounter. She won’t move on until she gets what she wants. But lastly, Ellie thinks of the positivity of Joel and backs off. 

Needless to say, Ellie’s rageful moments don’t speak for her, but her lack of control made it heartbreaking to watch. She risked her love ad]nd her life again.

The last flashback tore me to shreds. This is set the day before Joel’s death and it shows us having these titular characters beginning to reunite. Joel is filled with regret and passion for his second chance at fatherhood. And Ellie has decided to begin to come around.

That scene adds so much ethos to Ellie’s decisions because it shows her guilt and the future moments she will never have with Joel. Their moments since Joel’s confession has been so sour since Ellie ventured back to Salt Lake City, which made Ellie so hateful.

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