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Seattle Day 2 (Abby)

Yara and Lev (Image: PlayStation Studios, captured by Sausage Roll)

I haven’t finished the section yet, but I already know I am headed into the best part of the game. Abby felt compelled to help Yara and Lev in a way that would go against everything she has trained for as a WLF. She rescued them so intently, killing scars along the way. 

I say this may be the set-piece chapter in the story to show how empathetic Abby actually is. Her killing Joel seems to be an out of character moment for her and fitting the trait of violence everyone in this world has. 

Now we’re zooming (I’m assuming across Seattle skyscraper rooftops, which, oh my God) to the hospital to get supplies to save Yara. This game can only get better.


Abby has gone with Lev to cross sky bridges, even though heights are her biggest fear. We’re in full Seraphites territory, so we have to take them all out to get to the hospital in record time. Woah, talk about switching up the scenery. This game is so well put-together, it’s putting myself in situations I never thought The Last of Us universe could go. 

Her and Lev’s relationship is witty, sarcastic, and protective. It’s very similar to Joel and Ellie, except Lev knows the in and outs of combat and agility from the get-go. Abby is a truly funny character with some of the best dialogue I’ve heard in the whole game thus far.

When Abby gets to the hospital, the game goes full horror, the most the series has ever gone. The basement is the only place with the supplies, and infected from the beginning of the outbreak from about 40 years ago has been dormant in those depths. 

These moments had my palms sweating and panicking to find any ammo lying around before I got torn apart by infection.

Now, we helped Yara and Lev escape to go back to his island where the Seraphites aim to hunt him down. He’s going to die if Abby and Yara don’t chase after him.

P.S.- I remember the leaks saying the Scars were a homophobic cult and that is easily shrouded in the seriousness of that statement. The cult is not focused on any already created religion to attempt to justify their reasoning. Lev is a trans boy, and yes, transphobia seems to be a quality of the Seraphites since they want to kill him for going against tradition. But what I am trying to express is that this storyline is so natural and a real-world problem for people, even after an apocalypse. The “SJW” attacks are offensive to the very believable situation players are put in and damage the validity of queer representation further than having gay characters. 

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