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Seattle day 3 (Abby) through The Farm (Ellie)

The crumbling island of the Seraphites (Image: PLayStation Studios, captured by GameWith)

Abby and Yara sail to Seraphite’s island in search of Lev. They get there and tale the back trails, sneaking through the settlements of the people who want to kill them. To describe their home aesthetic, think of A24’s Midsommer and The Witch. They have homes built of logs shaped like a triangle with a lack of electricity throughout. 

This is the climax of Abby’s arc. The wolves are using the storm to ambush the island in the middle of this rescue. Abby denounces her wolfery and chooses these lost children instead of anyone else.

This area of the game uses large farm areas to sneak around in more amazing stealth gameplay. By being really careful and strategic, I managed to barely get caught, thanks to my fully upgraded crossbow. 

Abby is by far the best character in the game. I can confirm this. She is selfless enough to help these kids to exchange the act of revenge she enacted weeks prior. There is no other option for her. To prove to herself that she has a morsel of light inside of her, this is what has to be done. 

When she returns to the aquarium, she finds the damage Ellie has done and then both of their timelines finally meet up. You infiltrate Ellie’s base at the theater as Abby, and I found myself trying to stealthily attack Ellie around the sets backstage. 

When that conflict is all said and done, we link up with Ellie and Dina’s family months later with their baby, J.J. Ellie’s PTSD won’t let her forget about Seattle and she heads out to California on reports of someone spotting a woman “built like an ox.” 

This game won’t end (in the most positive way possible). The writers of this game are making this story constantly fresh and lack and player fatigue. Especially 20 hours in.

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