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Seattle Day 3(Ellie)- Seattle Day 1 (Abby)

(Image: PlayStation Studios, captured by GameWith)

Time to team up with Eugene and make our way to the aquarium.

Goodness, combat in this game is so clean. Every time I stealthily kill enemies with the one silencer bullet I have left, just to kill a WLF or infected on the opposite side of the map so I won’t get caught calls for precise planning. I’m barely using listen mode because I am having a much more tense experience not knowing where my enemies are. 

The environments in Seattle keep the game constantly fresh. There is a unique beauty to every spot you got to. The overgrown parks filled with hideable ferns are my favorite. This game could never get old. 

Ellie’s character moments are always adapting whether she is with a unique companion, or by herself. New insights arise and I am thrown right back in to Ellie’s creeping madness.

As Eugene and Ellie make their way to the aquarium, Ellie decides to confront Abby there herself. She travels on a boat to the noticeable ferris wheel. The Pacific Ocean is flooding this part of the city with rough waters, but exploration is still enforced. You can park the boat on a shallow shore to read a dead man’s note and find supplies.

This game does not have that open-world feel, but the areas are so big that you feel exploration is limitless. Naughty Dog does a great job of showing its open areas that can be explored for a worthwhile reward.

Ellie goes to the Aquarium and does what she has to do, but Abby is absent. Ellie pushes herself too far and regrets it, and then heads back to base. 

Now we’re playing as Abby, a WLF member who is showing the player an empathetic side to the Seattle faction. I think her story will focus more on the Scars, Maybe we will find out who the woman painted on their murals is. 

Does Ellie’s eyebrow scar have anything to do with them? I think I remember co-writer Halley Gross mentioning we find out where she got that scar. Maybe!


As I slowly move towards my objectives, I can see how this experience is going to last with me long after I finish it. I’m sad that it’s going to have to end eventually, but I’m about 15 hours in and taking my time,

Naughty Dog made sure to make Abby and Ellie have opposite play styles. Ellie is light on her feet, while Abby is a brute force as she kicks her foes and stomps them into the ground. They upgrade roughly the same but with different skill trees and weapons, aside from a handgun, both characters share. Using a crossbow to easily wipe out a floor of hunters just sits right with me. 

 As I suspected, the Scars are Abby’s main threat at the moment as she works her way to her ex-boyfriend’s aquarium home. This all takes place on the first day Ellie arrives, and we will meet up with them at the present moment when Ellie returns back to her base after she comes back from the aquarium herself. 

The trailer that debuted Abby’s character is a beautiful, one-shot sequence of the Seraphites hanging her until she is rescued by young ex-Scars, Yara and Lev. What comes after that moment is a scramble to safety with two teens who won’t survive without her help. Abby and them are on opposite sides of the fight, but survival pushes all of that to the side, showing Abby’s empathy. 

I see wholeheartedly how there isn’t a villain in this game. Everyone wants to live, and surviving in this world means kill before you get killed. Abby is a very well-spoken character who is kind and confident, although she did kill Joel. But the dialogue written for this game proves that perspective is everything. 

Abby just met up with her ex-man, Owen, and is now leaving to make sure the former Seraphites are OK.

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