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Spider-Man: Miles Morales

Image: SONY

This entry in the Marvel’s Spider-Man series follows Peter Parker’s apprentice on a personal journey to protect his home of Harlem in New York City. This is about an eight-hour story with Miles as the lead, and it’s an emotional take on an origin story that removes any repetition that this particular style of the superhero genre is known for.

Miles is the essential mascot for the launch of the PlayStation 5. Insomniac Games’ title is something that can be completed over a short weekend to fully get a sense of the PS5’s capabilities. 

Swinging alongside the Manhattan skyscrapers on Christmas Eve while chasing an iconic Spider-Man foe helps solidify Miles as an individual Spider-Man. His swinging was unique to his personality, and his kiddish discovery of his powers added an emotional weight to everything he did.

This is a personal story for Miles, so don’t go into this game expecting a varied pantheon of villains to take down. Every facet of this narrative explores Miles’ meaning of being a hero. And the structure mirrors the developer’s motivations by making all story arcs in this game relate back to Miles’ meaning of family and never giving up.

During one section of the game, Miles and his uncle raise the question of who is worth protecting, and at what cost. What ensues is a gameplay section that gives the player a sense of urgency. Miles has a time limit, and he knows his life is unique to an average New Yorker. But it’s either his life or thousands of other innocent ones. 

Miles is selfless. He is an example of his family and the culture that raised him. Miles’ mother is an added presence to the game that gives Miles the push to fight for other people. 

Overall, the gameplay is much more satisfying than the 2018 original. Thanks to the new Dualsense controller, you can feel the tension and release of swinging a web with the help of the right trigger. Moreso, there is no reason to ever go back to playing games at 30fps. The PS5 is capable of displaying 4k resolutions while giving the player the sensation of smooth gameplay. The movement of the game is so natural and noticeable between 30fps and 60fps. 

It’s the same New York City Peter Parker saved in the original, but in more depth for Miles. He is a Brooklyn native originally, so this game let the player discover a different aspect of New York alongside Miles. His new home Harlem, for example, is reskinned and given more life. Its cultural importance is represented in a vibrant 4k resolution that emits the importance of the location as it does in real life. What helps the game further is the Christmas setting that gives the setting its feel.

This game is one of the best launch titles PlayStation has ever made. It’s brief hello to the player was filled with neon, electricity, and personal dilemmas that the protagonist let us see. Sony made the right choice in giving Miles his standalone entry. Afro-Latino representation matters and this game represents the culture by giving it its own game.

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