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The Stonewall Protests

The particular protest covered the November fifth gathering, days after the presidential election. Without knowing the outcome due to continued voting, these protesters voiced their opinion on how neither presidential candidate will be beneficial to their activism.

In May 2019, the Trump administration’s Department of Health encouraged healthcare officials to deny treatment to transgender patients. Under the Trump administration, trans rights have been discriminated against openly, rolling back any efforts to include them in society without discrimination, according to the National Center for Transgender Equality. In 2020 alone, America has seen more murders of transgender people than in 2019, according to the National Center for Transgender Equality. With this treatment, the people at the Stonewall Protests believe they will see any equality come to fruition shortly, but they will keep fighting. 
But according to the transgender POC activists at the Stonewall protests, they believe these consequences of their well being is due to the system of government currently in place. These protests draw a crowd to enforce one message: black trans lives matter. Every Thursday, a varying amount of protests come to march and uplift trans people of color.
President-elect Joe Biden has made a promise to make this country a better place for trans people, but some members of the LGBTQ+ community of weary of his words. He has had a problematic past. Pushing for desegregation until his colleagues voted against it. According to activists Kyla Rogue and Tahtianna Fermin who are at the protest, his centrist ideology may back trans people into a corner. Either way, trans people are going to be fighting for their rights no matter who sits in the Oval Office in January next year.

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